My name is Jason Widjaja, sometimes known as JW, and I have always had a passion for art
since I was young. However, my parents never saw the potential in me when I was growing up.
As a result, I continue to develop my drawing skills by watching YouTube tutorials and Instagram
reels. This inspired me to pursue a major in art, and while studying at Binus University, I’ve
found that there’s a lot more to design than just drawing. During my studies at Binus, I
developed an interest in photography, web design, and branding. The transition from
conventional to digital drawing allows me to be more flexible on occasion. I’m also learning how
to interact with clients and how to accept criticism from others. This improves both my social
communication abilities and my creativity

Innisfree Product Photography

In this project, I made a product shot for my final Advanced Photography class. This
project requires us to create a product shot of more than 3 products in the frame. And I
decided to take a summer feel for this project

Shiloh Dynasty Album Cover

This album cover was a project for Visual Communication class, where I took the time to
recreate an album cover for Shiloh Dynasty. I took on a more psychedelic style of
drawing in this project and was heavily inspired by cyberpunk art style.

Dragon Ball Gogeta Blue Poster Color Painting

This is a personal project that I made using poster color paint. This is one of the first tries
of my take in poster color painting, as they bring different effects compared to acrylic or
watercolor paint. I also experiment with the use of colors and feel that the colors given by
poster color paint are more pure compared to the others

Press play Mobile app

In this project, I made a press play mobile app prototype to help users to customize their
keyboards based on their needs. The app helps to decide on the customers choice of
the size of the keyboard, the keycaps and the switches. Moreover, it helps customers to
see the estimated price of their custom keyboard.