Agnes Filicia Giovinna

Agnes Filicia Giovinna

Hello, my name is Agnes. As someone who was born in a household mixed with Chinese
expectations and native Indonesian dad jokes while being schooled with Western influences — I
am a graphic designer of logical and imaginative caliber. I have worked on UI/UX projects,
create illustrations, and excel in both digital and traditional artworks and can bend my ideas
solely to the audience’s needs and wants and perform versatilely. Today, I see myself as a
designer of many shapes and colors

Speak Up (Website)

A website to bring awareness to Sexual Assault victims in Indonesia that are targeted for
anyone regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation and etc. The website aims to
inform Indonesians about the issue by sharing real-life stories of victims as well as allowing
them to find a community to talk about their experiences freely.

Harajuku Lovers Advertisement

A portrait photoshoot to promote the perfume brand “Harajuku Lovers” for their launched
“Sunshine Cuties” which focuses on different summer fragrances. The Summer theme is applied
throughout the whole photoshoot, using vibrant colors as it is targeted to a more youthful
audience for the summer holidays.
(Modeled by: Felice Eugenia Salim)

Farm Tarot Cards

A set of 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards numbered from 0 to 21. Applying the theme of Farm Life,
the deck of cards will each be symbolized by different farm activities and creatures

The Green Ribbon (Children’s Illustrated Book)

A children’s storybook based on Alvin Schwartz’s The Green Ribbon from the collection of
horror urban legends “In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

Battle Royale Movie Poster

A movie poster based on the 2000 Japanese action-thriller film. The movie follows a class of
junior high school students who are stranded on an island and forced to kill one another by the
Japanese totalitarian government.