Nicole Theodora Tobing

Nicole Theodora Tobing

Hi! I’m Nicole, but some call me Kol. I’m a third-year design student and a part-time musician who’s about to release her first EP soon. I have high interest in branding, advertising, and publication. Although I like to indulge in experimenting, my creative approach is rather analytical in that I would always pursue visual solutions for the given objectives in any of my projects. I like to describe my design style as flashy, whimsical, and adventurous. My ambition is to push boundaries of what a person can create by finding beauty in the unlikely.

Rocky Raccoon Illustrative Book

Based on The Beatles’ country ballad of a love-triangle, Rocky Raccoon gets illustrated into a humorous depiction

Saul Bass Inspired Typographic Posters

As an homage to the legendary Saul Bass, these typographical posters were designed illustrate an insightful quote of his. The “design” aspect of the quote is emphasized by emulating Bass’ iconic cut-out style with the use of bright, contrasting colours.  Whereas the “thinking” part of the quote is emphasized by having the typography to form the silhouettes of the brain and The Thinker

Es Devlin Inspired Stamp Set

Es Devlin is a stage designer based in London who is well-known for her massive, extravagant, and eccentric performative set designs. This stamp set were designed to mirror the same futuristic and mystifying magic that she casts onto her designs

Volatile: A Photo Series

For our Basic Photography course, we were assigned to create a photo series with the theme of ‘Inner Challenge’. Volatile is about the instability of the coming-of-age. Through the years of trying to find who you are and where you fit in this world, it comes with a sense of mystery and uneasiness knowing that anything can happen at any time. This series expresses the constant chase, the frequent suspense, and most of all the volatility of trying to figure it all out

Starbucks x Taylor Swift Advert Posters

In the Fall of 2021, Taylor Swift re-released her iconic fall-themed heartbreak album, Red. To celebrate this release, she collaborated with Starbucks by of endorsing her favourite Starbucks order, Caramel Skimmed Latte. The goal of these posters were to capture the vibe of the Red (Taylor’s Version) album, while keeping Starbucks’ signature cozy essence