Grad Show

Destination Branding of Pontianak
by Vania Tanjaya
Rebranding of Indonesian Traditional Snacks
by Stephanie Vania
Book Design
by Gwynneth
Branding and Book Design
by Erica W
New Brand Identity of Iwan Tirta Batik Collection
by Nadya Estella Polla
Dental Health Education Kit
by Nathaniel Ian Theodore
Guide to Brush Your Teeth
by Vincent Joman
UI/UX Visual Design of Inventory App
by Michael Armando Limanjaya
show case of the finest

This is the first virtual exhibition of every student who have studied and worked on what they have learned during college. And here are the completed showcase of their assignments and make it happen through the work we can all see the results here.

Starting from tomorrow they have new status in their shoulder. They will spread their wings, leaving this college. They will enter the real life. What they are now is different with the moment when they came at the first time.

This journey will be theirs norm and no word can express how proud and gratitude they are for being part of this university. Their success as a college student is not determined by their GPA. It is not measured by how many trophy and certificate that they got. Also not defined by they workplace later.

The most important thing is the process during their learning journey. The process with all the stories in it is the real life path that we will keep in they heart forever, but this is not the end they path will cross someday.

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