Felice Eugenia Salim

Felice Eugenia Salim

I am a Graphic Design & New Media student at Binus Northumbria
School of Design. My hobbies include reading and drawing. My
favourite genre is psychological horror. Before becoming an art
major, I was really interested in journalism and psychology. I am
often introspective, and usually have many ideas brewing in my
head. Because of this, I am a quick worker and can easily adapt to
new changes


I decided to use Figma to design a website and app for Soapbottle, a waste-free soap and shampoo brand, because they only had a kickstarter website instead of an actual one. I used a seafoam green palette to highlight their signature soap product

dELiA’s catalog

I shot and recreated a catalog reminiscent of the now non-existent dELiA’s brand. It used to be really popular back in the 90s, and I wanted to create that feeling of nostalgia and excitement I felt back when catalog subscriptions were still popular. I used Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the pictures and text.

Product photography

I decided to take pictures of the lip tint I recently bought from barenbliss. Barenbliss is a brand that got popular overnight, and it sold its products in shopee. I wanted to recreate the types of pictures one would normally see in advertisements both online and at the mall


I created a fictional website, Veji. This website was to sell products that are safe for vegans, vegetarians, and those who wanted to try out a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Its main function was to provide a safe space for these people, so that they could freely shop without having to check the ingredients to watch out for what they don’t want to consume. This website was designed in Figma, and used pastel colors that matched with a soft gray-black to give a more friendly appeal and cater to millennials and Gen Z.

Hannibal tarot cards

These were made for my Audio Visual finals. I decided to design tarot cards based on my favorite TV show, NBC Hannibal. I used David McKean as an inspiration for the art style, as I used various artworks and my own art to create a unique collage for each card, which represented each character of the show. I wrote down my sketches, research and process in a separate word document, and made the designs using Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

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