I’m Aulia Larasati Pramana or, you can call me Laras. A Graphic Design and New Media student from BINUS specializing in Illustration, Branding, and Object Photography.
Worked on various projects as a part of my education. I’m willing to work independently or group work, follow instructions very closely, and willing to learn and improve in a professional setting.





A storybook I made with all hand drawn illustrations. it was an earlier
school project, one that I used the opportunity to expand my artwork
styles. The story is about a boy who is traded a sack of magical beans for
his cow, and he explores the beanstalk when it grows humongous the
next day. The project mainly focused on learning how to structure a

storybook, as well as training on how to illustrate it.


A bright and colorful cookbook that I hand illustrated all the pages. The
goal was to make a book of your choice, and I choose to make a sweet
themed cookbook intended for a younger audience with drawn
instructions- I’ve also specifically choose recipes that are short and
easy to follow. I’ve always liked looking at cookbooks as a kid, and I
wanted to learn how to properly make one, with my own personal


NOAH Child-Development Center (NCDC) is a non-formal/out of-school institution which is a unit/aliate sister of the NOAH School. NCDC has a social vision that is based on love and hope and we respect the uniqueness of each individual.

They aim to be an educational institution that provides quality educational services, inclusive and therapeutic interventions, and focuses on dealing with students with mental (mild & moderate) and intellectual (mild & moderate) special needs at affordable prices.
I was tasked to make a logo brand for this new branch of Yayasan Del, focusing on the friendliness and family aspect of the company’s goal.

Toy Packaging

This is a school project where I was tasked to design a toy packaging of my own, from the box structure to the illustrations. It was a very new thing for me, but I had fun doing it. The illustration is hand-drawn by me, drawing in a cute style to appeal to an younger audience, aswell as using bright colors


Posters I illustrated as part of my Visual Communications class. My task

is to recreate advertisment from a era of your choice, And I picked Art
Deco for the wine brand “Vermouth Bianco”. I was inspired by
Vermouth’s old hand drawn advertisement posters and I wanted to
recreate it with my own style and air. Here, I used a lineless painting
style for the posters