Keisha Nadira Prayitno

Keisha Nadira Prayitno

Hi there My name is Keisha Nadira Prayitno, you can call me Keisha or Kei.
I major in Graphic design and New Media in Binus northumbria School of
Design and I am an undergraduate. A little bit about me is that one of the
thing I follow in my life is going with the flow and life live to the fullest.
Other than that I like to do activities that can bring new skills or build my
skill. More about me is that, I am the type of person that work well in group
work and will help my teammates

The Fake Smile that Helped

This project is a film photography. Nowadays a lot of people are putting a
fake smile on their daily bases yet those smile might just me fake.
Someone can put on a happy face even when that person is feeling down,
but they put on that smile to hide their feeling to the world and to their
love-ones. This is just one picture of the film photography but the
photography here can explain the whole story.

The 3 Little Pigs

This is a remake of the iconic 3 little pigs kid story. The book is not just like
a normal story telling book but here the child would be able to flip the
book to find out what happen to the house of the pigs. Before the book is
film to reveal there is a question that will be ask “What do you think will
happen to the pig house?” The book is a interactive book therefore the
children would not get board to what they are reading. The children would
also be able to name the pigs and can draw which part they like the most.


This zine consist of many typography system and I have made as many as
possible to show that when creating a poster a person can make it as
playful as they want instead of just using normal one. This zine is about
cars and first is about classic cars VS electric cars

Nespresso Add Photography

The Nespresso ad has always used men in their campaign therefore I
wanted to make my own add photography for an espresso by using a
woman. It is very stereotypical on how men drinks Americano strong
coffee and usually women drinks a lighter coffee or a latte. Therefore I
wanna break that stereotype by creating a ad photography for an espresso
by using a woman


CDC stands for Noe Child development Center which is a school that is
for special need and then here I have made a logo for the school. The
school stands for hope and love therefore I put a dove that stands for
hope. The color choices was the same color as
Sekolah Noah which is run
by the same company