Rebranding of Indonesian Traditional Snacks

To raise the consumer’s awareness of the local snacks that are affordable, hygiene –
both in terms of the food manufacture until it becomes the final product – and it is also
easy to be purchased nearby. Also, to ensure the consumer realizes that local snacks
are worth trying and to be preserved. Over time, Indonesia has been influenced by
foreign cultures, which dominate the local people. In-depth interviews with the experts
and focus discussion group with the targeted audience. Both methods used are
resulting qualitative data. It is proven that the customers/targeted audience of the
products are not aware enough about the local traditional snacks nearby them. It
happens because of the visual appearance of the packaging that is not appealing
enough to them. The main reason is that visual does influence the purchasing behavior
of a person. Local traditional snacks in Indonesia need improvements regarding the
visuals. Hence, throughout the new packaging designs, it could be more noticeable by
the customers/audience

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