Steffany Tanardi

Steffany Tanardi

Hello my name is Steffany Tanardi and I’m currently in my third year in Graphic Design and New Media. I’m very passionate about illustration and merchandising, as well as graphic design. I enjoy trying out new styles and implementing it with my own style so I can be more flexible. Despite having various styles, I have gotten one that is unique to my own, as well as representing my own brand. I have a high interest in anime, manga and games. My goal is to create something unique of my own, recognizable to other people as well as to inspire them.

Heaven’s Official Blessing Illustration Book

An illustration book on one of the chapters from the novel “Heaven’s Official Blessing”.

Dareu Keyboard Photography

A series of photographs showcasing a brand, Dareu, on one of their popular keyboard series called “Swallow”. Throughout this project, colour is what took inspiration to  match with the keyboard’s whole theme.

Yokai Tarot Cards

The major arcana, a set of 21 cards, with the theme surrounding yokai. Yokai is a class of supernatural beings and spirits in Japanese folklore. To bring out the same vibe as the theme, an artstyle of sumi-e is used, which was an artstyle popular back in the days where people used black ink and a brush to create paintings.

Coca-Cola Infographic

Infographic posters about Coca-Cola’s history with the inspiration of pop art.

Personal Works

A bunch of personal illustrations.