Shellyna Chandra

Shellyna Chandra

I am a determined and enthusiastic designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am able to work in teams and contribute in problem solving. I love design and art in any shape of form but I am most passionate about 3D. I am designing with minimal and pleasing design in mind. I am also a results-oriented. I constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far I am and what it will take to make it happen. I find this pressure inspiring and a great motivator to do work. In communicating, I feel responsible to keep everyone on the same page and to have right information on a project to aim for a better result.


This is a project designing a front cover of a newspaper using the fundamental principle of design. The cover design in based on Museum Macan located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The sketches showed usage of proper grid usage throughout the brainstorming stage. The objective is to effectively use grid and create a balanced and aligned composition to emphasize white space. Not to forget to use graphic elements to guide the viewers eye in the correct way of reading.


This project is to redefine the identity of an Indonesian company that distributes, retails, and collects guitars. The brand is called HiendGuitar. They serve musician, collectors, and people that want help from expertise and first-hand knowledge about guitars. HiendGuitar has a solid and well-built foundation for a guitar company. Its employees are professional and expertise in the field. However, their logo and fonts are not compatible with the entire aesthetic of the website. There is also a lack of graphic concept to unite the entire elements


This is a fashion editorial project of capturing the reconstruction of denim from various sources of clothing. The pieces of clothing were also combined with batik which is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist of applying wax to a cloth originated from Java, Indonesia. Through this photoshoot, I aim to show the importance of the little things in the outfit such as the denim patches and the flexibility from its continuous zippers.


The concept of this project is a fashion lifestyle expressing comfort without enforcement and limitation. The clothing itself was said to be inspired from the designer’s personal dancing experience that had helped her achieve a sense of liberty. Therefore, in these series of photographs can be shown the freedom expressed with various unique poses.


This is a personal project where I modelled a Soborg chair as a furniture placed in a bedroom environment. The model itself is inspired by Borge Mogensen’s invention with the purpose to fuse plywood shells with solid woof functionalism.