Samanda Samadikun

Samanda Samadikun

Hey there! My name is Samanda, but you could call me Sam. I am a graphic designer based in Jakarta who has a big passion for arts and design. Ever since I could remember, I have always loved anything to do with arts and design. I joined art classes since I was very young and living abroad, and all that has led to me falling completely in love with arts. My love for arts comes in a variety, from movies and music to the art of baking and cooking. Creating something truly is a passion of mine, and I find a lot of joy in doing so.

I am currently focusing on branding, illustration, layouts, and photography. These are some of the fields in which I feel the most confident doing, and I find a great joy in the process of making the things I make. I hope that someday in the future, I could use these skills to create something great and useful for the human race.

10 Interesting Facts About Me

A final project for 2D animation study class. The brief was to choose 10 unique facts about ourselves, and later turn into an After Effects animated video. The assets were to be created and completed on software’s such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Procreate. I used Procreate to create my designs and later moved them to Photoshop to complete and name each layer.

I wanted to use colors that spoke to me and represented me. I used some of my favorite colors to give life to the assets since this video was 10 unique facts about me, I wanted the colors to tell a story as well. From the 10 unique facts, 24 scenes were created in order to create a smooth and continuous video. From creating the assets to completing the animation, it took a total of 3.5 months.

Cidokom Farm Rebranding

This was a midterm project for Design Studies class. The brief was to create a rebranding for an existing company. I chose a vegetable company called Cidokom Farm, which belongs to my grandparents. Previously, the branding was very weak and did not stand out from its competitors. The solution to this problem was to design the logo and packaging that well describes the company as a vegetable company that serves farm-to-table. Using fun and modern colors to give a modern personality, contrasting from its original outdated logo.

My goal was to create a rebranding for Cidokom Farm that would make it unique and stand out from its competitors. To create a design that is eye-catching for people of all ages, and especially attracts the attention of the youth of Jakarta.

Photography Works

A compilation of my best photography works from the years 2019-2020. The photographs were all taken for photography class assignments. The compilation includes those of food photography, beauty shot, fashion editorial, product and catalogue photography, and bottle photography. For each shot, there was a long process behind it such as creating the concept, finding a model, finding a product, arranging the studio lighting to create a good shot, and taking a million pictures to find that one perfect shot.

Tarot Cards

The brief was to come up with a theme and media to illustrate the major arcana tarot cards, 22 in total. The theme I chose was ‘theme park’ and the media was digital art, created using Procreate on the iPad. I chose theme park as the theme for my tarot cards because it is a place where I would always feel happy and colorful inside. I wanted to depict this feeling into a tarot card deck so that I would enjoy the design process and work on it with passion.

For each tarot card, the illustration had to depict the title of the card. As an example, the card for The Emperor is an illustration of an emperor riding a roller coaster, since the theme for this deck is theme park. Another example is The Chariot card. It shows an illustration of a person riding a horse on a merry-go- round, which resembles the original tarot card for The Chariot.

Women in Business

A final project for illustration class. The brief was to create an illustrated book about any chosen topic, in order to catch the attention of people with its colorful and informative illustrations. I chose the title “10 Legendary Women in Business” in order to showcase some of the most incredible women who have fought hard to earn their place in a world where men have dominated most businesses.

The concept of the illustrations was to use bright and fun colors to capture the personalities of the 10 women mentioned in the book, as well as to create an eye-catching and informative book that make people want to keep turning the pages.