Salsa Nabila Rachmaputri

Salsa Nabila Rachmaputri

Hi, I am Salsa like the sauce and the dance!


I would describe myself as a tenacious creative looking forward to new experiences in the design and media field. My enjoyment towards anything creative has been displayed since I was young, as well as my love for knowledge. Prior to my graphic design career, I took a different path, studying Political Science and International Relations. After a considerable amount of essays about the middle east (and crying), I decided to pursue a more creative route.

That is why, I am utterly focused on navigating towards the design industry in any way that I can. I am dedicated to being active on campus and any work involvements. I also enjoy traveling.

I am also currently freelancing as well as doing an internship to apply my experience assisting a company’s design and branding needs through design research and thinking, developing user experience, and social media outreach.

Art Deco Prints

Designs inspired by the popular 1920s art style, art deco. The aim is to capture the grandeur of the era by using a lot of gold. I use mostly Baz Luhrman’s inspired artworks as my reference.The first design is an infographic poster of said era, and the second design is a personalized ID card embellished with art deco elements.

De Coco Loco Jewellery

Branding done for an online jewellery store. The store itself is fully owned and operated by myself. It caters to young adults who are trendy and on a budget!  The project was launched in summer 2020 with the whole concept of virtual holiday, it aimed to capture the lost feeling of traveling and being on holiday during the pandemic. Customers are given boarding passes as receipts, and postcards as thank you cards to further capture the overall experience.


Journey Travel Magazine

For this particular project, I decided to revolve my concept of hiking in Indonesia. More or less a travel magazine concept with the purpose of showcasing Indonesia’s mountains and top hiking spots as well as tips on how to climb/hike mountains. The concept was developed due to my mother’s love for climbing mountains when she was younger. The articles in the magazine are targeted at amateur hikers/climbers that want to know more about the mountains in Indonesia, as well as how to prepare for those climbs. Each article is then carefully structured to ensure that the subject matter is delivered well, so it is easier to read and understand.

Mad for Makeup Mobile Web

A website design for a local makeup brand, targeted for their audience which focuses on three aspects; affordable, youthful, and interactive. Therefore the design that was created mimicked the brand’s impression. The website was made to be youth-centered, shown by its colors, friendly and fun, organized and easy to navigate.

Sama Dengan Coffee

Rebranding of a local coffee shop. The objectives of rebranding was to capture the nature-centric and bohemian feel that the cafe has. In order to maintain consistency with the brand image that utilizes bohemian and nature-centric colors as well as elements, the main color is terracotta red and moss green. The red symbolizes the bohemian aspect, and the color of warmth like a cup of coffee, and the green is inspired by the nature surrounding the cafes.