Sabastian Andrew

Sabastian Andrew

My name is Sabastian Andrew, and I am currently a student at the university of design. My hobbies are gaming, drawing, taking pictures, and listening to music.

My strengths based on my studies are photography and illustration, but mostly to illustration because I have a certain reason I need to be good at in order to achieve my only goal. However, on the downside, I could over focus on details and being impatient when the project runs near its deadline. In most projects, I lack confidence to execute the project and require certain motivation for certain projects to reach its quality.

The motivation I always have is from the music I listened to, and the motivation also came from my emotions or how I feel. Therefore, I required music in order to run my emotions or feelings which could generate ideas for the project. My main emotions to carry it out are peace, rage, and wisdom. Those feelings also defined who I am. Other than just listening to music for projects, I always listen to music everyday in every activity in order to stay in control of myself.

I sometimes make my own personal project to improve my skills, but mostly I executed them much poorly and lack details. However, that is the reason why I am trying to improve my skills by learning from my mistakes. Even though I have lack of equipment and its quality, which results in minimal quality of project, I always try to maximize the quality of the project in any possible way.


A task to create an illustration book of anything, and this illustration book is about a youtuber musician named NateWantsToBattle from Give Heart Records. An Illustration consist of his status of being a musician and his band, personal favorite album, personal favorite songs, his alter egos from certain musics, and the origin or the fact about his name. Mostly, this illustration book is about NateWantsToBattle himself and his songs.


It is designed to give introduction to basic studio lighting photography. Some topics can be included: studio lighting equipment, People and Beauty Shot, Hollywood Glamour, Photographs of Product, Still Life Photographs, Commercial Photographs, Creating Special Effect, and Fashion Photographs. At the end of this course, the students will be able to take simple products and people photographs in the studio. In this photograph, it is about Hollywood Glamour which the obstacle is to explore the technical aspect of Hollywood Glamour lighting and the goal is to create a product-looking photograph.

The topic I chose is a movie poster called Yakuza Girl which is about a young girl from a Japanese mafia, a story which is mainly about a lone girl who is much more confident. A katana is used as a main prop to have a resemblance of Japanese, and a lighting of low key to create minimalistic looking.


A photograph took place in an assignment session of photography which was about product advertising. The product that I used in this photograph was a whiskey bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black.

            Since the color of the bottle is mostly black color, I used the lighting lowkey and have literal light that shines above the bottle.


It is a photo story of a Campaign, showing good technical aspects of photography, including exposure, composition and basic lighting (high key and low key). A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages. A photo story, in its simplest form, is a series of images that evokes an emotion, introducing ideas. In this project, the goal is to create a series of photographs depicting a story and create a poster using your own photograph to create a powerful message.

In this message poster tells society to treat others like one another in order to avoid racisms, avoid fights between other races, avoid abusing one another or animals, and as long as no arguments between having different appearances. People will always have the same impact, same cause, same reason.

The eggs resemble people, the eggs which are still fresh but have opposite color to each other. However, in the eggs, they have the same fresh yolks which also resembles having similarities such reasons and beliefs.


During a trip to Museum Taman Prasasti, an assignment was taken to get a nice photograph from the place. I was wandering around and taking pictures, but none of them are good to submit. As soon as the trip was about to end, I was panicking and got nothing good to submit.

 However, from where I was standing, the clouds started to clear away and the sun started to shine brighter. When I tried to look away from the sun, A shadow of a statue was starting to cover me and it was a statue of an old man. I started to notice how nice the view was from where I stood and started to photograph in a nice perspective where the light shined onto the statue.