Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald

Hi! My name is Ryan, I am 21 years old and currently finishing my 5th semester at the BINUS Northumbria School of Design.  I am energetic, passionate, easy-going student who is motivated by the thought of helping others. I am a team player who makes sure everyone else in the group is involved and understands the necessary points to complete the task. I mainly focus on digital art and photography but I have experience in physical artworks such as charcoal drawings and acrylic painting. I have experience interning at a graphic design firm in Bali as well as web design and development.

Same But Different (2022)

For this artwork, ” Same But Different”, I was tasked with creating an artwork consisting of images which at first glance seem the same  but when put side by side have their own unique characteristics.

To accomplish this, I used bananas as the subject of the artwork while using a bold, hot pink background which results in an Andy Warhol- escque image

One Dream - Acoustic Album (2019)

This was part of a task to create an album cover for a band called ” One Dream”. Aside from the main album ( which was based on a rock album), this version is a stripped down acoustic version of that album.

The space theme derives from the ” Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino” album by the Arctic Monkeys

Art Deco Crane (2020)

This Crane was a part of a project which required me to choose a style of art and put my own spin on it. I took inspiration from Japanese linework and decided that it would go well with the glamourous pattern, synonymous with American art

Basement Cafeteria (2022)

This image taken on black and white 35 mm film depicts the seeming contrast between the  luxury of the Mercedes parked in front of a staff cafeteria –  often visited by students and staff members due to its incredible  value.

I started experimenting with film photography in early 2022 . I have always been fascinated by the warmth given by the grain in the  images in film

Barong (2020)

This art depicts the Balinese barong – a character deeply rooted in Balinese culture. The barong is paired with ethnic triangles in the background – taking inspiration from Balinese wood carvings.

This drawing was one of my longest digital drawings I have ever done and it is definitely my most ambitious project to date