Ruth Savani

Ruth Savani

Hello, my name is Ruth Savani, a 19 year old student from Binus Northumbria School of Design in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am currently studying in my third year of Graphic Design and New Media major, specifically in Interactive Digital Media. In this major, we are learning about application and web design (UI/UX) which involves making the prototype and layouts using Adobe Xd which I am passionate about. I strongly favor in photography, starting from street photography to studio photography which is interesting for me because it tells the concept based on the visuals. Apart from that, I also like 3D modelling using Maya and game development using Unity. Branding is also an interesting topic and I have done several branding products in terms of packaging and logo design. Several applications that we learn include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Xd, Premiere Pro and Autodesk Maya. To improve my skills, I have joined several clubs in Binus as a social media, design and publication team. By this, I try to help develop the club itself and also have some experience working with people. Apart from all of this, my hobbies are music, badminton and photography. At the end, I am eager to learn new things to increase my skills and help others with my designs. I look forward to have some wonderful work experiences and am currently looking for an internship.

Kota Tua Advertisement

Kota Tua has a lot of beautiful landscape and deep history in each of the buildings. Unfortunately, some people in Jakarta have not visited Kota Tua yet, therefore an informational book consist of history and brief description of environment can be beneficial to promote Kota Tua to the rest of the citizen.

Fresh from the Oven

Fresh from the Oven Muffins are a great way to start the day through its warmth and delicious taste biting it. This is an overview from the baker’s side of the story when they made the muffins with some cheese, chocolate chips and powdered sugar to bring out the freshness from it.

Denim District

Nowadays, most people go on their daily life with the same style of clothes and a little portion of them dressed up differently everyday. With one of the fashion trend happening right now, people use denim jacket from walking in the sidewalk to going out in the mall. So, a bit of twist and deco have been put in the average looking denim jacket and blazer, making it different and unique. With this, a fashion editorial is created to promote the

Freshbox Application Redesign

Freshbox has some competition between other similar stores. To promote this brand, an application is created for people to have easier access to buy shopping items online. As well as, a safe transaction and delivery process can be further seen in the application.

Bedroom 3D

The theme is a dream playground bedroom. The target of the user of this bedroom is children, specifically a boy who loves playing as if the playground is in their bedroom. The huge area and decorations in this room will be suitable and comfortable for them to play.