Raissa Sari Harnaen

Raissa Sari Harnaen

Hello! My name is Raissa and I currently on my third-year major in Interactive Digital Media. Since long time ago I have always interested in art, I prefer working quietly on desk and doing something that is art-related. My top favourite hobby that I do and enjoy most is photography. As a graphic design enthusiast, my goal is to create something that can make an impression, inspires, and can be useful to other people

Rodrigo Corral

Rodrigo Corral is US graphic artist, best known for his book cover designs. These stamps designed to mirroring the artwork of his iconic visual publishing.

Visual Sequence

Designing a visual sequence from an existing song (6 phrases).


In our Advance Photography course, we have to create a brand advert with a concept in it. My plan and goal is to engage young people do exercise. I know it is hard to start but it is important, especially in this pandemic we have to make our body and soul is healthy and fit. also for young people who think that sport wear is not affordable, don’t have to worried about it. In Uniqlo you can have a good price and of course good quality too


In this Advance photography, we were told to create a brand advert with clear concept it. My concept for this theme is to make a breakfast concept. The product I chose is cereal which is Kellogg’s brand. My plan for the theme colour is bright and bold since my target audience mostly from young ages which is kids to teenagers, so I’m going to pick a fun colour.


The concept for this theme is to make a Product Photography which is L’ORÉAL product. I make a catalogue style that is simple but have an elegant touch at the same time