Najma Siti Fatima

Najma Siti Fatima

Hey, I am Najma! My name in Arabic means “Star”.
Graphic designer – Interactive Design Media
Presently a third year student at Binus Northumbria School of Design. I am an open
minded & friendly oriented character. Stepping out of my comfort zone & leading with
responsibility is my strong attribute. Personally, I am passionate about photo
manipulation, photography, designing merchandise & posters while mainly incorporating
symbolism and layering within my projects. My keen interests include leaning towards
consumer psychology attributing in ambitious challenges, fast paced trends and
energizing conversation for a design-backed approach

Bottle Shot – Photography, 2022

This shot was from my favorite Photography assignment as we got to take pictures of
bottles. I used the perfume bottle my best friend gifted me before I moved abroad, So the
concept holds more personal value and meaning for me. My concept was to support the
scent which is Wood Sage and Sea Salt, the first color I thought of was Green, which
symbolizes Nature and growth. The color gradient is raw unedited, I only added some
smooth and cleaning effects through editing on Photoshop

Visual Quote – Design Principle, 2021

One of my favorite projects was this Visual Quotes for my Mid-Project. Mainly because I
got to utilize Photoshop for photo manipulation. Inspired by the quote “Conscience is a
man’s compass” I find this piece as my best work because of how smoothly the creative
process flow was executed. Between the images, transitional blending and color
correcting, these elements all mended in as one whole. The compass is to infer the brain
and intuition all humans have, intertwining all the natural elemental roots.

Album Cover – Computer Graphics, 2022

Final Project was to complete an album cover and merchandise for a band. I used
Photoshop and Illustrator, which are my favorite software to edit the 70’s inspired,
incorporating effects such as grain as well as layering retro vintage elements in the logo.
This album cover was my favorite to design as I immersed myself in research and
conceptualization with the 70’s theme. The final result was exactly how I imagined it.

Madonna Covers – Visual Communications, 2022

This project was from my 4th semester, the project was to recreate a poster or
merchandise using a specific art theme. The style picked was Dadaism and my final
outcome was an album for Madonna as I believe Madonna suits the Dada art movement.
There are two albums made. The main themes include religious & social movements.
Photoshop effects were mostly used for collaging the layers and manipulating visuals.

Traditional Game Application – Interactive Design, 2022

Generation Z, people born between 1977-2012 are forgetting about their ethnic roots and
traditional practices. One being, Traditional Games. This matters due to the imbalance
ratio of knowledge. While older people stay in Indonesia, many young people choose to
go abroad and forget their heritage. In an effort to protect Indonesian culture, I have made
an app based on Indonesian Traditional games Congklak & Bola Bekel. This action
combined with technology can help Generation Z learn about traditional games. Due to
the rapid rise of Technology, people are forgetting how to play it manually. But, with this
app young people are able to learn, explore and play Indonesian Traditional Games.