Naima Syeeda

Naima Syeeda

I am a student at Binus International University and the captain of the Indonesian Artistic Swimming team for Asian Games 2018 until now. Working as an athlete and graphic design freelancer, I received custom paintings on shoes, realistic portrait sketches, and logo commissions. With busy schedules, I used my time wisely and managed time as best as possible.

I’m also channeling my skills by providing private swimming and drawing classes and also works as an assistant lecturer for Drawing at Binus University. I’m hoping I could inspire many Indonesian youths to remain productive in the pandemic.

Currently, I am enjoying the feeling that I got while teaching the excitement to show people what I am passionate about. My goal is not only so that the students can draw or swim but also become inspired to be productive under any circumstances.

Cartoon Model Shoes

The concept of this shoe painting design is what if the cartoon is real in this real world. What if you are different from the others? Of course it will look unique and different at the same time. So, just be yourself and be different than the others!

Ied Prayers Photography

Interested in the pattern made by muslim worshipers during Ied Fitri 2018. This photo was taken from the roof of the mosque in Istiqlal.

Japanese Samurai Warrior

These warriors attacking a human-sized fish with a Katana (Samurai sword). It’s a symbol of fighting upstream and overcoming grand obstacles.

Realistic Spider (Manual Drawing)

Drawing realistic is my hobby because realistic drawing is very satisfying, in my opinion. Drawing is one of my ways of channeling my emotions through creativity. In this picture, I tell how scary the spider is if it’s really real. The hard shadows I made tell the story.

Showering Women (Manual Drawing, 2017)

Each pencil stroke that supports realistic details tells the artist’s sad story during her duties as an athlete who brought Indonesia’s name in Sea Games 2017, Kuala Lumpur. Away from her family, sacrifice and hard training have conveyed her emotions through this artwork.