La Myra Bening

La Myra Bening

Hello! My name is La Myra Bening and I am currently a third year design student in BINUS Northumbria School of Design. I am highly interested in technology and passionate about designing experience (I mean, any experience). I consider myself as a creative problem solver, which means I thrive in challenges and innovations. I am also driven, hard working and responsible, and I always give my best effort to every work. I love to connect with people, and so I’d love to collaborate with every of you! I work well in teams and also independently, but I personally like to discuss ideas together with other people. I like to drive my team towards our goals with the best result possible. Together, let’s make wonders!


A website I made for Interactive Design Studies II course. It is aimed to promote myself as a designer and also it has to reflect my personality. I chose my own redesigned UNO cards as my main theme for the website. Unfortunately, due to unprecedented circumstances, I lost all the files of the website.


This is a branding/rebranding assignment for Interactive Design Studies III course. I chose to brand my mom’s cake business. She sells premium Taiwanese pineapple tart. I thought it would be a fun challenge to brand a product from scratch. I also include Augmented Reality to inform about and promote the product further.


A 30-second ad made for Audio Visual II class. We are tasked to create an advertisement of a product. My group decided on redesigning pocky ads. We chose pixel game as our ad theme. My role in this project is creating the storyboard and illustrating the background and assets for Pocky Sakura ad.


A science activity book intended for children aged 7 – 12 years old. It consists of four chapters of selected experiments with each chapter to do weekly. The playful, colorful illustrations surely capture children’s attention and develop their interest in exploring science.

The Elves Tarot

The Elves Tarot is an Elves-themed major arcana. It consists of twenty-two illustrated tarot characters as elves. Elves are my favorite mythical creatures and both tarot and elves are hailed from Europe. I purposely gave the series a UI/UX design illustration style to bring refresh in tarot’s and elves’ old heritage.