Kharen Chandra

Kharen Chandra

My name is Kharen Chandra. Karen with a ‘h’, most people always misspelled my name. I’m a third-year design student in Binus International University. I aspire to solve problems through aesthetic visuals and conceptualization. I have a huge enthusiasm in illustration, motion graphics, branding and layouting.

Fun Facts

An animation video that tells 10 facts about me. I describe myself as a playful and positive person with a bit of clumsiness and I want to represent that personality in the video. I used a simple and cute vector style art with various vibrant color enhanced with


Lost in Heritage is a fashion editorial photography project to capture the combination of the ethnic Javanese and the graceful Chinese culture that was expressed through fashion and clothing. It is a collaboration of traditional and modern fashion which aims to empower and brought the forgotten culture.

Men in Black

An animation opening sequence of men in black movie with a great use of kinetic typography. The overall look wanted to be achieved is a futuristic and modern since the movie tells about agents, extraterrestrials, and high technologies. Therefore, the animation video used shade and tones of blue and purple with a complimentary yellow color as a contrast to enhance the those look.

Dark circus tarot

An illustration project to create 22 illustrations for tarot cards major arcana which highlights specific themes where in my case it was ‘dark circus’. The meanings of each cards were match to the characters in the circus based on their looks, personality and characteristic. The tarot card used dark and pale color palette to achieve dark and mysterious visual look to match the theme.


Artpedia is a creative newspaper for one of the Art Museum in Jakarta, Museum Macan. The newspaper used a colorful color palette and supporting elements such as dots and lines which is inspired from the museum exhibition which in that time was “Yayoi Kusama: life is the heart of rainbow “.