Kemilau Bunga Hujan Saturindu

Kemilau Bunga Hujan Saturindu

My name is Kemilau Bunga Hujan Saturindu, also
known as Wrenn.I work on various projects ranging
from illustration
, character design, animation/rigging,
and music. I guess you could say Im a jack of all traits.
but not necessarily a master of none. I am a versatile
worker and am open to
learning new programs to
further enhance my work


This is a remake of a portrait made out of
characters. The font that I used is.
ironically. Comic Sans because the character/
person this artwork is based of is a very funny and
unserious. just like the font

Ink Artwork

The main inspiration for this commissioned
character is the Sea Bunny and to be portrayed as
idoL The story of the character has an influence
on how Umi looks and Im proud to say that this is
my first character lore Ive written

Food on Foot

These are the art I made for a game menu screen
and first level Im never confident in drawing
and sceneries. But in this case, I
decided to give it a chance.
The story of this game is also something I worked
oa It is based of Bandung dishes The goal of this
is to find the hidden ingredients to make the
dish and
explore Bandung