Jesya Ashley

Jesya Ashley

Hi, it’s Jesya. I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in Jakarta, and I’m always interested in design world. It is something that I enjoy doing, bringing conceptual, neat, playful design with thoughtful consideration. I’m also a designer who believes that graphic design is creative problem solving, where concept is as important as the design outcomes. My goal is to create good work for people that isn’t just visually nice but also solve their problems through my visual ideas.

Swiss Style Infographic

Visual Communication Design Reviews –

An A3 infographic poster explaining about Swiss design style. It was made to inform the readers and give insight about Swiss Style and its history in a concise, single-page poster that already explain everything about Swiss Style design.

When in Paris Children Book

Illustration –

An illustrative children’s book. The book is mainly filled with a series of illustrations and a bit stories about some recommendations of several things to do and places to go, when in Paris.

Coffee Shop Applications UI/UX

Screen Design Development –

A redesign project for a coffee shop applications’ UI/UX Design. The old design was outdated; and doesn’t really have a lot of feature. A redesign project for the whole app and these are some of the redesign results.

Space Themed Tarot Cards

Illustration –

            An illustrative twenty-two major arcana tarot cards deck. The theme of the tarot cards was space; therefore, each of the cards design was inspired by       that. The name of the cards matches the illustration design.

Catering Applications UI/UX

Interactive Design Studies I –

Application UI/UX Design project for a local catering business. The project was to redesign the branding, concept, and did some case study in order to design the right UI/UX.