Jessica D. Situmorang

Jessica D. Situmorang

The name’s Jesh, short for Jessica! Currently a third year Graphic Design Student, who loves to Illustrate, make editorial layout and branding! I am someone who always wants to try everything I see, and always looking forward to learning new skills every day. I am an optimistic and open-minded individual who loves to see things from a different perspective!

Although I am still learning, my biggest dream is to be able to see people smiling when they come across my work!

Wonderfully & Beautifully Made

Beautifully and Wonderfully Made is a self-help book that talks about body positivity and body image. I found that many young people such as myself are struggling with how we view ourselves! Therefore, this book is made to understand more about the cause and effect of negative body image, and what you can do to help and slowly come to love yourself!

The book is divided into four chapters: The problem, The effect, What We Can Do, and What You Can Do! The book is primarily intended to interest teenage girls to young adult women who still or are having trouble with their body image to fit in the beauty standard. The illustrations and content of the book are made and written by me!

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser is the first children’s picture book I’ve ever made. Fully written and illustrated by me, the story is inspired by my personal experience of facing art blocks and fear of failure. It tells a story of a young boy who dreams to become an artist. When he was young, he was hard working and filled with passion, but as he got older the only thing he faced was failure and rejection, he then started to lose motivation and will to become the artist he once hoped to be.

In the book, there are colorful teardrops of paint flying around, this symbolizes his creativity, his passion, and motivations for his dream, which disappeared later in the book to show his loss of desire in art, but later came back as he found his purpose of creating!


This is an editorial poster based on the typeface I made called Geometrx. The main focus of this project was to create a new typeface based on an existing font. I made a typeface called Geometrx based on the typeface called Bodoni. I wanted to create a sharper and edgier style that is in contrast to Bodoni’s characteristic which is feminine and round. Geometrx is made from geometric shapes such as parallelogram, trapezium, and rectangles.

The aim of the poster is to showcase Geometrx as a display font to see what it’s like when it is being applied to something. The concept I picked is to create photography exhibition posters about certain parts or corners of a human’s face and body.


@Jejezjezjez is a personal art account that I made for me to grow more as an artist and make new connections in the social media platform. I mainly focused on drawing characters and people based on prompts or my own imagination! I also love to incorporate very bright and vibrant colors in my work! I’d like to think of it as a reflection of my personality!

Pot o’koffie Rebranding

Pot O’Koffie is a coffee house based in East Kalimantan specifically in Balikpapan City. They mostly specialise in brunch and coffee. The tasked was to completely rebrand the logo and create a new one that best describe their brand personality: Family Oriented, Friendly and High-Quality.

The previous logo has many clip-arts elements in it that makes it looks quite cheap. Therefore, I wanted to combine both brand logotype as well as one illustration that can represent Pot O’Koffie well. I used deep rich color palette to showcase their high-quality traits!