Ghivanya Raihan Hardwiandra

Ghivanya Raihan Hardwiandra

Hello! You can call me Ghiv, a Graphic Design Student from Binus Northumbria School of Design. I like to make editorial layout, branding, and I also enjoy photography. I am a person who has a wild imagination and tried to implement it in my designs. I am an open minded and flexible person who also enjoys working with various people.


Bathkerville was for Typography class’s final project where we need to create a logo and branding from a pre-existing font. I used the font ‘Baskerville’ and use a wordplay to change it into ‘Bathkerville’ where the main idea is about toiletries.

The design for Bathkerville consist of letters and numbers with Baskerville font that are arranged to make certain shapes, like a person’s face, footprints, and the image of a person taking a bath.

Counting Stars
  1. The main idea behind the book was several interesting and well known constellation legends and stories out of the 88 constellations in the sky.

For this book, there are a total of 26 constellations with the facts and stories of each constellation. To make it more interesting, simple some outline illustrations were added to help the readers understands the meaning behind every constellations names and explanation better. The illustrations for this book are outline art following the shapes of the constellations to make it easier to see the shapes that are a match with the constellation lines.

David Carson Biography

David Carson Biography is a project to design a book relating to the artist. The layouts for the book follows the artist’s famous art style which are grunge and collage. The contents of the book are mostly about the art journey of the artist from his early career, the details of his art style change, and what makes the artist an icon.

Klēn & Kind Rebranding

This project was for Design Studies class’s project. The task was to create a logo and rebranding from existing store. Klēn & Kind is an online store selling handmade goods with natural ingredients. Thus, the logo includes an illustrated hand and plants to represent it. The usage of the toned down colors and line art illustration represent the personality of the brand which are practical and neat.