Felycia Annabel

Felycia Annabel

My name is Felycia Annabel but people usually call me Felice. Currently, I am a third year student who is pursuing a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and New Media in Binus International University. I have interests in learning new art styles and learning more in this design field. I may be inexperienced but throughout my study in university, I have joined several organizations in their design team as well as applied myself to be a teacher assistant. These valuable experience and skill I gained can definitely be shared and put to a good use.

I can be a very detail oriented designer and loves to create everything neatly most of the time. When it comes to experimental design I can also adjust myself to adapt and take up the challenge. I hope that my design skill and this knowledge of creative design I have can be put to a good use in creating a better society.

Wolfgang Weingart Typography Book

Digital book titled “Wolfgang Weingart: Father of Swiss Punk Typography” about the biography and historical works of Wolfgang, a famous graphic designer and typographer. Design inspired from Wolfgang Weingart’ artworks, applying his typography style, aspects as well as experimental grid system within this digital book which consists of 37 pages.

“Bored?” - Productivity Book

This book is designed to help people be productive in the easiest way possible. Includes activities based on researches that could boost productivity. A5 sized book about productivity for teenagers. Inspired by “wreck this journal” where readers are able to freely interact with the book according to personal progress. Consisting of riddles (sharpen critical thinking), educative games (broaden common knowledge), and various activities to be productive.

“Let’s Go Pick Some Nuts” - Interactive Children Storybook

A children storybook about a squirrel’s adventure in finding acorns for it’s family. Designed in a creative way to interact with children through small fun activities. Short illustrated story about a squirrel named Shandy who needs help in her journey searching for acorns. Along her journey, children are able to enjoy interactive activities provided from the storyline.

Toilet Paper Roll Packaging

Designed an interactive packaging with an eco-friendly material, using paper based materials and not plastic to reduce plastic waste through creative illustration on the packaging. Educating toilet paper roll users as there are informative fun facts about the environment written on the packaging.

Woolycious Rabbitry Rebranding

Doing a re-branding towards Woolycious rabbitry, a pet shop that specializes in rabbits. Designed results: logo, stationaries and product miscellaneous.

The brand identity of Woolycious “Nurturing, reliable, rabbit lover” are emphasized in the logo. Illustration of human hands hugging a rabbit showing pet care and rounded font type creating soft and friendly environment.