Dipo Karelly

Dipo Karelly

I am a Graphic Design student in Bina Nusantara International since 2016, and currently freelancing in graphic design focusing mainly on illustrations and branding. I also work on a few commercial for Bebelac as a Co-Fashion Stylist. I always had some interest in the fashion department, but mainly focusing my ability in illustrations.

I enjoy having new experience in various subjects of artistry and learning new things along the way. I think it helps me grow as a person and helps me learn not only from the job itself, but also from the people around me.

Baruna (Branding)

Baruna is a beach wear brand, created by Frenda P. The products consist of various type of mix-matched beach wears with natural colors and comfortability based products. In this project I was to create a logo and stationaries for this brand, with the knowledge of creating a simple yet elegant logo that fits in numerous applications. And since it is a new brand I had to keep in mind to make it clear enough for the consumers to acknowledge the brand upon reading it. So I created a typography based logo, with a little paly in the design. And I also, with the help of the owner chosen the color palettes for the applications, such as letter head, stickers, tag, etc.

Exposed (Photography)

For this project, I wanted to visualize the rawness of the human anatomy in an exposing ways. Using a see through and other fabric covering the model without the feeling of coverage, exposing the naked body. Credit to Stanislaus Hans as the model in this shoot.


In this compilation of projects, showcasing my ability in digital drawing using the Photoshop application and using Wacom tablet as my medium. The color I chose for this illustrations are mostly pastel and warm colors, most of my illustrations were profile based poses, and lastly I applied the illustrations to a product which later to promoted and sold.

The Beauty of Greed (Photography)

In this project I created the idea of making a beauty themed photography based on one of the seven deadly sins, Greed. It is an ongoing project visualizing all of the seven deadly sins as I imagined it to be. In this project, I represent Greed as a gold female demon promoting her beauty to the camera. With the help of Clara Claris Rianto as the makeup artist, and Mimi Korompis as the model for the shoot. Using a lot of gold makeup based to represent the greediness and black make up based for the demon-esk vibe, also using a handmaid horn to complete the look.