Devline Michelina Alvie Novetta

Devline Michelina Alvie Novetta

My name is Devline Novetta, a designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born and raised in Indonesia but studied in Singapore for 4 years during my early elementary years. I’m currently taking a design degree in Binus Northumbria School of Design. I’m a detailed oriented and hardworking individual that is passionate in animation, illustration and design. I have an obsession with all things animated, especially Disney cartoons! My dream is to one day inspire people with my art. I’m eager to learn new experiences and work together with people!

Bantex Multiring Binder Illustration

Binder multiring illustration series for Bantex. The unisex design is targeted for the young female and male students. The concept is about a brave and carefree cat named “Coco”. The motivational quotes are added to help encourage young people. This project is still in progress with Bantex.

Ordinary Cat Tarots

Created for an Illustration class project. Tarots are usually known for their mystical and dark side. To remove that frightening misconception behind tarot cards. Colorful and funny illustrations of cats were illustrated to convey a more happy and fun element. The concept revolves around the characteristics of ordinary cats.

Where Did Coco Go? Children's Illustrated Book

Where Did Coco Go? Is a children’s book that explores the topic of loss and grief. With charming illustrations and simple text to help children understand loss. The concept is inspired by the stages of grief. This was illustrated for an illustration final assignment and created using the program Photoshop.

Mermaid Illustrations (Personal Artworks)

My mermaid illustration series was created for a monthly drawing challenge called mermay. The challenge was to draw different types of mermaids each day. The illustrations were all drawn from Photoshop.

Character Design Face Practice (Personal Artworks)

These character design illustrations were created for practice and improvement. The faces were inspired by different shapes. Not to mention, I drew different ethnicities for diversity as well for practice.