Clarissa Dewi Mangindaan

Clarissa Dewi Mangindaan

Hello, Cha Cha right here! An undergraduate graphic design student
who is interested in UI/UX Design. I like to set goals to challenge
myself and
always seek opportunities to improve and enhance

my skills. I easily adapt to new technology and always keep up to
date with the latest industry trends




Cimol Bojot AA website for local MSME

For our Interactive Design Studies II finals, we were
tasked to create a
website for a Local MSME from
. I chose Cimol Bojot AA due to their vibrant
and excellent branding. Preserving their fun and
interactive style of advertising, I implemented it in
the website. Eye-catching and engaging for the users
but provide useful information about the brand. For
this project, I created 3 different screens: Desktop,
Tablet and Mobile

Buku Kopi Harian “an app for coffee lovers”

Buku Kopi Harian is an all-in-one app for
coffee lovers. It has a Coffeepedia which is
essentially Wikipedia for coffee. Interested in
making your own coffee? This app also have
a recipe feature which allows you to create a
cup of coffee of your own. Don’t worry if
you’re missing out some ingredients, as you
can shop in the app as well

Portrait Photography

For an Advanced Photography assignment, we
were tasked to take different shots of
which are Mugshot, Profile, 7/8 and 3/4.
In this assignment, I decided to have a cottage-core and femininity concept, hence the
flowers and patterned dress