Charissa Djuhadi

Charissa Djuhadi

I am a graphic designer not an architect.

I am just a girl who was fall in love with

historical or classical related things such as old

buildings, photos, songs, fashion, and antiques.

I chose classic and simple as my design style identity.

I use old building elements and serif typeface

on my logo to represent those identities.

I think of myself as an old building that always

opens its doors for those who want to learn from it

and also for those who influence or give it new

knowledge or perspective about anything.

Each old building has a different architectural

style from nowadays building’s style,

as well as I am who prefer an old-style look

and likes old things that are uncommon

for today’s kids’ preference.

In conclusion, personally, I am very happy to share my thoughts, abilities, or everything else

that I have with others and I also like and open to learning everything that other people give to me, as long it’s a good purpose for me and for others. I do not care about other’s opinions who think I am different. I think it is not important, as long as the goals and principles of life that I believe are good reasons and not give any negative effect on others, I will continue to believe what I have believed.


The aim of this project is to create a fashion editorial that can visualize themes and concepts of products that are shown in the photos.

The concept of this fashion editorial is a beautiful, elegant, charming, and strong woman who stood on the side of the road under a street light where a man had promised her to meet him there.

The night is getting late and the weather is getting cold. In her loneliness and tiredness, the woman continues to wait and hope the man will come soon. In doubt, she had a thought that he might be late or missed the train, but after waiting, the man did not come.

In disenchantment, the woman wonders why is it that easy for the man to make a promise and why she still has hope for that man even though it would only break her heart in the end.


The aim of this project is to create a catalog shot and creative advertisement that can visualize the characters and concepts of the Chanel handbag through photos.

The concept of the creative advertisement is about an independent woman who is in a city, far away from her family but her days never feel empty and boring since she always spends them with her “best quality friend” by her side in any situation.

The concept of the catalog shot is elegant, clean, and charming.


A Brief Biography of Hermann Zapf is a book about Hermann Zapf, a famous graphic designer and typographer who gives a great impact on the world of typography and design. The whole pages of this book are designed by implementing the characteristics of Hermann Zapf, such as classic, elegant, and simple.


JOURNEY Magazine is a magazine about adventure and vacations in beautiful places. In the September 2019 issue, it talks about the beauty of Labuan Bajo, which is located in eastern Indonesia, specifically on the island of East Nusa Tenggara.

The concept of JOURNEY Magazine is clean and simple with aesthetic style.

Most of the photos in this magazine are photographed by me and some by my sister.


NATIZER is a natural disinfectant product made from natural, safe, high quality, and environmental-friendly ingredients, such as lemongrass, cinnamon, and clove.

In this project, I rebranded this product so that its vision, objectives, image, strengths, and identity that want to be conveyed could be more appealing and convincing to consumers.

The aim of this project is to understand the vision of a product and make it happen. A product must be able to attract and convince consumers to be able to compete with other products. Therefore, the appearance and identity of a product must be conveyed clearly and attractively.