Callista Eleora

Callista Eleora

My name is Callista Eleora but many call me Cal or Ele. As a first generation Indonesian
amongst my family, I have always been held to a certain expectation with clear goals and
constantly exposed to changes and a variety of cultures. I always love learning new things as
well as teaching. During my time in Binus, I found my lost passion in art and found passion in
UI/UX, photography, editing, illustration, and many more. I love working with people to build
connections, I am also very flexible with my creative direction as I work based on the want and
need of clients and thrive on inputs, suggestions, and critics

Somersby poster

Somersby is a cider brand that offers many flavors with fun advertisements. The
poster is made with colors highlighting the flavor and psychedelic style to
advertise the buzz feeling of alcohol and uniqueness of the brand

Scntr app prototype

This application is made with the intent of finding the right perfume for people
because not everyone understands the characteristic and longevity of perfumes
by answering a quiz about the intended use of the perfume and occasion to
match with and also give suggestions of similar perfume that the user might like
based on the result

Ysl Libre advertisement photography

A studio low-light photoshoot to advertise Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre perfume as
sensual and romantic. With a unique closeup shot of the model’s body curves casted by
harsh shadow to express sensuality and warm light to create an intimate and romantic

Jack Daniel Photoshoot

A photoshoot to advertise Jack Daniels which is a whiskey company. It was shot
in a lowlight setting with many things surrounding the drink with meaning. Orange is to
offer a pop of color as well as representing the taste, peanuts to represent the snack
people eat to enjoy a drink, pearl necklace to represent an expensive feel

Tiger Tarot

A series of Major Arcana tarot with the theme of Japanese ink style Panthera
genus (tiger, panther, lion). Each card’s meaning is represented by the activity,
characteristic, and colors