Brian Laurent

Brian Laurent

My name is Brian Laurent, I am a creative graphic designer, student and photographer.

I have always been passionate about expressing myself in a creative field to create something meaningful.

To make positive impact for people to experience, think, imagine and feel has been the most satisfying feeling I have ever felt.

I am energetic, ambitious person who has developed.

responsible approach to any task that I undertake.

I have always challenged myself to be a better version of me every single day and with it, I hope I could spread positivity and innovations for people through my work.


I am excellent in working with others to achieve the impossible

Film and Photo Production Company “GARAGE”

Bringing the iconic poster design to promote the company and

to engage artists and people in particular. To be able to think creatively not just inside but outside of the box, exploring and breaking boundaries to go infinity and beyond


To promote and target men in fashion. With a classic, modern and contemporary style will definitely bring the mood up and running. Promoting the product for consumers to be inspired and apply it daily.

Northeast Kingdom UI & UX DESIGN

Creating a website and mobile app UI UX design from scratch on a specific restaurant called “Northeast Kingdom”.

The overall design was based on the authentic accent of the restaurant while bringing in modern and simplicity into the mix. Keeping the originality up to another level.

Burger Bros UI & UX Website Redesign

Recreating the famous burger joint in town! To alter the overall design and user experience in general by creating an entirely different layout. Getting all aspects into a more user friendly design with a to-the-point accessibility. Keeping the originality and authentic feel of the company.

Black and White Vintage Photography

Producing black and white photos with an intended mood and feel with a split lighting pattern.

Taking the viewers back in time into nostalgia.

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