Biduri Bulan Khairana

Biduri Bulan Khairana

Hi! I was born as Biduri Bulan Khairana and I am called Bimby on daily basis. I’m currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. My interest towards graphic design grew when I was in middle school—I enjoyed making fanart posters that involves arranging layouts and editing images. Since then, I knew I’ve found my passion and has been making more posters. Before middle school, I always like to draw that it became a hobby. I’ve also been involved with activities related to art ever since kindergarten like drawing, singing and painting. In high school, I chose the art streaming without doubt and that was where I am sure that my path is in the creative field.

When it comes to work, I am an idealistic person. I always want the best result for my work. Each step of progress also matters to me, and I pay big attention to details. I’m quite flexible with style so it’s easy for me to adapt to different visual styles and what’s trending. I like to make things becoming simpler. If I had to describe my own style, it would be modern and minimalistic.

Currently I am focusing on layouts, branding, illustration, and lately I’ve been interested with animation. I am not afraid of trying new things and gaining experience and skill from it. I’m looking forward to gain and improve my skills in graphic design further so I can put it to good use and create more meaningful things from it.

A Guide to Drive Safe

A book that is made to remind people to take care of themselves while driving either motorcycle or car. The reminders are simple such as telling people to wear their helmets and obey the traffic rules but each reminder point actually came from the official Indonesian law (undang-undang). Printed in A5 size, the book consists of 34 full-color illustrated pages. Each reminder features a brief explanation about why it is important to obey x rule, and a simple illustration that occupies each reminder page. The concept of the book is simple and fun. It does have a children book feel in it with bright color palette and witty font choice as I want the reader to enjoy the content. The color palette is also inspired by the three traffic light colors: red, yellow, green.

ABOUT US Mobile Web Design

ABOUT US is an online shop selling gelato and sorbet. The goal of this project was to build a mobile web design that would help customers of this shop to get detailed information about their products as well as providing a platform to make the ordering process easier. The contents of the website are focused on displaying the flavors in catalog pages. The rest of the website consists of a description page, shopping cart, and a contact page. Following the existing brand personality, the simple and flavorful concept is then applied on the visual design of the website.


The owner of BAKEDBYROL tells about how she wants her brand to be perceived as fun, tasty and simple. Since the product is a banana bread, I am using yellowish colors for this project, combined with a delicious brown that mimics the color of the bread. I tried as much as possible to get rid of any elements and characteristic that would give serious and formal atmosphere. The logo is inspired by a freshly-baked bread that just came out of the oven.

JOURNEY Bookazine

JOURNEY is a monthly publication with its general topic focuses on travelling. The theme ‘Sustainable Travel’ was chosen for this project. The choice of theme was based on a personal concern towards environmental issues. In this edition, the magazine provides an introduction to Sustainable Travel and why it is important as well as tips for beginner sustainable traveler. The magazine also features must-visit eco-friendly destinations around the world. Natural colors like beige and green are dominant in this magazine to make the readers feel the eco-friendly ambience. The layouts are arranged with minimalist approach by making effective use of white spaces.

PYRAMID Coconut Oil Packaging Label Design

PYRAMID is a coconut oil brand especially used for cooking and has been around in the market since the 70s. The owner of PYRAMID requested for a new logo and packaging design along with the change of their marketing strategy. With the aim that their product will reach broader target audience while preserving its existing main identity (color palette and icon), the theme “simple and homey” was chosen.

The main goal of this project was to create a more modern logo and fresher packaging design that stand out among competitors. The new packaging design should be able to communicate the brand personality, which are economical, natural, and healthy. Several design strategies such as using visual hierarchy and re-illustrating the main elements (pyramid and coconut tree) were also taken. The result is clear, to-the-point label design that contains easy-to-understand information about the product that carry a stronger brand personality.