Aurellia christy Foraldi

Aurellia christy Foraldi

Hello there, I’m Aurel, currently in my third year as a design student. Illustration is where my passion thrives, and i find immense joy in bringing my visions and perhaps someday yours, to life

Stuck In My Head

For my high school art and
design finals, I conducted
in-depth research on the
theme of “stuck.” This
particular piece, titled “Stuck
in My Head,” is an acrylic on
paper creation that holds a
special place among my
favorite works from my high
school experience. The
artwork aims to convey a
compelling narrative within a
painting, exploring the idea of
someone lingering
persistently in our thoughts.


This project challenges me to
translate a single word into
an artwork poster that
seamlessly integrated with
its surroundings. Inspired by
the word “Slurp,” I
immediately thought of the
delightful world of ramen.
Incorporating a color scheme
that reminds me of Japan.

Still Life Drawing

In my university course,
“Sketching for Design,”
we were challenged to
enhance our graphite
drawing skills by
mastering value
rendering. Our task was
to closely replicate
pictures provided by
the lecturer. It proved
to be a valuable learning
experience, enhancing
my confidence in
wielding a pencil.