Hi! I’m Aurelia Aretha, or Lala for short. I’m an
analytical UI/UX and Graphic Designer who
revels in beautiful things and deeply values
togetherness and teamwork. My ultimate goal
is to be a trustworthy and competent designer
who can present aesthetic, effective, and
impactful visual solutions in this digital era. In
my creative journey, I’ve ventured into and
enjoyed UI/UX, graphic design, photography,
illustration, typography, and 3D modeling.
Let’s grow and bring great impacts together!


A logo for a creative agency named Pohon Ara Creative. The client’s request
was to include a lush fig tree with a calming color. The keywords collected
are friendly, caring, innovative, humble, strong, elegant, helpful, warm,
relaxed, imaginative, and adventurous.


A Responsive Website Design for Local MSMEs. Sweet Cantina is a well-known
cookie and ice cream parlor in Bandung. This responsive website aimed to
captivate consumer interest and instill trust in the brand through a lively and
engaging online platform. Consumers have the ability to explore menu
updates, check pricing, reviews, location details, and the overall brand identity.


Refound is a lost-and-found mobile app in social media form. The app’s
primary objectives are to save users time, energy, and costs associated with
retracing their steps to locate lost items. To capture users’ attention towards
essential features and allow efficient usage, the app uses vibrant colors and
a quick-responding UX