Arya Nugraha Hendrohusodo

Arya Nugraha Hendrohusodo

My name Arya Nugraha Hendrohusodo, you can call me Arya in short I call myself an interactive digital design student where most of my projects are based on designing and creating my projects on digital platforms. I am currently still a student on 3rd year of my design school course, welcome to my portfolio I hope you can enjoy the tour of my project. I choose to be a design person because I always enjoy to see art content everywhere and admire them. Mostly I’m inspired with design and arts from childhood animated shows like Disney classic animated movies, cartoon series, anime. Even now I still enjoy watching animation entertainment more than live action once because I am mostly interested with the variation of different art style, themes and character design. I also like to play many video games and pay attention with the visual designs and the mechanics of the game. I also enjoy the story of the content. All of those interest gives me reasons to get education in design school to improve and develop my design skill further.

Here are my portfolios consisting my best works during the semesters of Binus international on design major so far, I created pdf, image previews and website form of the portfolio, Im sorry if the requirement is not meant because Im still stuck with understanding the square format part so I decide to make 2 pdf one with square orientation and the other one is landscape along with my 10 project preview images in separate file in square orientation.

Website portfolio

In this section features showcase of my website project portfolios where its my website design projects that I did during the campus course which are designing and create website prototype with adobe Xd which is a very good tool to start my experience on creating websites. I mostly like to explore in the internet for different kinds of research, and everytime I explore different kinds of websites, I get to see many variations of website design from different colors, layout ui and ux. I am also motivated to make new website designs.

The first image of the website portfolio is a website prototype project I made from adobe xd where my project is to improve certain website that still lack of responsive feature and improve it looks to make the viewer able to see the website browsing feature more effective as what are shown this is the homepage of kaskus which are website for buying products but this website lacked attention so I felt like it is a good option to refine the website design while the bottom one In Here i made a portfolio website made from wordpress and custom css and html the image shows the logo and the homepage of the website

The next one is not a website but a mobile app redesign also made in adobe xd,it is more of designing ui and ux for mobile application than websites. this time its a refinement of gramedia book app where I re design the layout of the app to make it esier to use for the consumer when buying digital book products with the easier account access, book sections and the listing of the history of books that has been browsed, owned and their favorites and also the diketo app I made also created in the same software a mobile app for diet guidelines for consumers who need in depth guide to have healthy lifestyle. The image above also show the work process of how I made them in adobe xd, from left to right and descending order shows how the app gonna flow from opening the app and start using it. Before create the app into prototype, I designed the app ui and ux from adobe illustrator then transfer it in adobe xd software.

3D Modeling

This section briefly showcase my 3d modeling project portfolios where I model objects digitally with Autodesk maya which is a 3d modeling software that I use for my 3d projects.  First I thought I may have many difficulties when creating 3d model more than illustrate 2d assents from scratch but actually basic shapes are provided to  create a model which caught me very high interest to explore 3d modeling and it is really fun to crate 3d model digitally I would want to create many interesting 3d models and have some confidence to share my 3d model portfolios that I made from Autodesk maya and I plan to explore more 3d model software.

Here is one of my biggest 3d model project which are to create a 3d room digital model made in Autodesk maya. First I have to modified the space of the room by modeling an empty cube with two walls for the window, poster, table and wardrobe to be connected with the wall. I created blocked legless bed  where the hollow part of the frame is where the bed model is placed along with the pillow and blanket, creating the pillow is one of my most interesting part when modeling because there is an animation set up effect to make the simple board shape able to inflate into a pillow instantly without set up too many tools then I model the table, door wardrobe and the rest and finally finalise the color and uv texture

Next 4 models also made from maya, The crate and the barrel is one of the practice that mainly focus on texturing the shape for its definition by gathering texture file and place them in the color set up and adjust it until it fits perfectly for the model along with the matchbox is still when I started color basic set up without setting up the texture. the frame also a good example of my texture practice where images can be used for the texture and show photograph images place in the 3D model 

I also learned that sketchfab is a really useful website for sharing  3d model projects in more detail viewing by having the feature to orbit 3d models to see them more detail, you may check out my models from the cons is that the free user feature only let me upload 1 model per month, currently I have 3 models ready for the portfolio but I planned to upload new models every month


Audio visual course is also one of the course I enjoyed alot because it is fun to learn deeply how film making process works from creating scripts storyboards before shooting the films, I am mostly have the passion to work on the storyboard because it able to enchance my drawing skill and improving the visuals to be more clear for the viewer, I will also show storyboards from diffrent course section outside audio visual class, idividual storyboards and storyboards that was done in groupworks

The tiger attack storyboard is one of the early individual storyboard project where it is based on true events that comes from used news paper that feature a begining and the closing of the case into some kind of story narrative, I first have to create storyboard to be looked like its made for creating movie production, or it can be considered as movie adaptation. This is a two page storyboard and the second page shows the ending where the tiger kills the victim after the attack. I color the storyboard in chrome to make the illustration clear for the viewer know whats going on with the story

The next one right here is more of a group work project where we share the tasked for the storyboard. I drew the background and the perspective illustration for the scene while the other member will focus on illustrating the characters for the scene since he has more skilled on character illustration. This time the storyboard is fantasy based storyline where a person get caught in an endless loop where a murderer chase the person and the victim killed the murderer for self defense to find out that the murderer is himself and a third figure showed up that happened to be himself aswell which is where the loop start again

Here are my latest storyboard artworks which is from creating an advertisement video featuring tong tji tea and a kinetic typography project where I make movie intro of weathering with you


This section will cover my photography studio works where my projects were made from photography studio uses equipment’s to make the quality of the images look nice with also a little bit of retouch work I did from Photoshop

Here we see a bottle photography where the purpouse of the study is to learn how to advertise products buy able to take photograph of the bottle showing the brand and the visuals more clear and eye catching. I also make reflection effect of the bottle to make it look more realistic and natural by adjusting the lighting, tripod, backgrounds etc. also along with the food and music instrument photography work. My favorite assignment was to create the food photography because I really like to eat food and enjoy the moment as my life style to explore variety of food from all over the world. The concept of the image is to create food naturally which is by creating images when the food is still not tempered and when the food is already being eaten to show the style of the story.

Website portfolio viewing

Since I am an Interactive digital media student, beside creating pdf I also created a website form version of the portfolio based on the pdfs made by word press and elementor editor, from the home page, it can be navigate through the navigation ui for viewing cv, contact, about me and portfolio sections with hamburger navigation. If the portfolio bar is clicked, It will link my top 10 best projects that I have chosen to be viewed and investigated more further and each in square image as what the brief mentioned.