Anthony Faustine Tanjaya

Anthony Faustine Tanjaya

Heya! I am Anthony Efte, a graphic design student based in Jakarta who currently is a 3rd year student in Binus Northumbria School of Design. I am organized and adaptive to environment with self-interest in editorial layout, branding and photography.

You can call me tony, or efte, both are fantastic! I want to keep improving on my designing skills and ideas so if you got something to criticize please do inform me. I appreciate your building opinions!


Perfume Glass Bottle Shot – Raw photos are processed in Adobe Photoshop, cleaned, then moved to Adobe Lightroom to enhance the visual. Dark reflective background in perfume photoshoot enhance mysteriousness.

Editorial Fashion

The concept used is inspired from western 1950s fashion where men are required to wear collared shirt, outer (suit/coat/vest), fabric pants and loafers while women are medium to long dress with high heels. This strict requirement to be seen as fashionable, proper ladies and gentlemen back then create a rebellion among youngsters. Starting from wearing sneakers, jeans and finally changing suit with jacket. I want to portray the initial phase of the rebellious side where most teenagers wear sneaker and jeans and the slowly changing of coat/suit to jackets.

It’s Erik Book

It’s Erik is a book about Erik Spiekermann, German infamous designer who is well-known for FF Meta family fonts. The concept book design is taken from his style and color palette, including grids, fonts and layouts.

Jocubes Packaging

The brand identity of JOCUBES is shown through the components of this logo. Cube is used to identify JOCUBES as rubik’s cube store, with the words J, O and C to create brand image so people will be reminded of jocubes when they see JOC. As JOCUBES is the first speedcubes store in Indonesia, primary color is used to represent pioneer, while Nexa Bold sans serif font is used to stand out from squary logogram, as Nexa Bold has curvy logotype to compliments each other.