Amalia Azra Maharani

Amalia Azra Maharani

Hi there! My name is azra and I am Graphic Design & New Media student in

Binus Northumbria School of Design. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always love art and anything that goes around it; I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I could pick up a pencil and a piece of paper. Ever since then, I’ve always known that I’ll pursue a career based on art.

Besides illustration and painting, I also have interest in photography, book layout, and creating art in general. Whatever type of project that I’m doing, I will always put my own twist and personality into it to make it special and one of a kind.

Even though I am discovering and learning new means of creating art, my heart will always be on creating illustrations and painting; creating something out of a blank canvas and seeing the process has always been a motivation and a driving force for me. But other than that, I would love to create new and exciting things in the future.

10 Interesting Facts about Myself

For my latest project in 2D animation class final project, I created a 3-minute animation about 10 interesting facts about myself using procreate to create the assets and illustration and animated in by using After Effects. The color palette that was chosen are pastel colors and in my personal style to represent me as an artist and as a person. This was one of the hardest projects I ever did because before this, I’ve never done animation, but i was quite happy with the result.

Be the Real You Photography

This is one of my proudest photography projects to date; the concept was inspired by a certain issue that has been going on for as long as anyone can remember: gender roles, specifically, the way one’s dress. I believe that anyone regardless of their gender can dress however they please and feel like, and I try to portray that idea on this photography project.

In the Mood for Love Movie Poster

This movie poster is illustrated based on the movie In the Mood for Love; the main idea of the poster is to capture the essence of the movie and its story, gaining the interest of the viewer but at the same time not revealing the true story of the movie, just like any good movie poster should do. Because the movie itself really focuses on colors to convey a certain mood, the same thing is applied onto the poster.

Tarot Cards

For this illustration project, I created 21 illustrations for a deck of tarot cards. I decided to illustrate Japanese cartoon characters/mascots as the figures that would be illustrated in the cards and the character themselves would have a correlation with the card in mind. The dynamic and fun character designs are really eye-catching and it was fun to experiment with and re-imagine them in tarot cards.

The Life of Saul Bass

The life of Saul Bass is a biography book about the famous and influential typography/designer, Saul Bass. The book itself talks about Saul Bass’s life, from the beginning until the end and all of the achievements that he gained during his lifetime, not to mention his terrific works. To pay homage to the designer, the book is designed and illustrated by using Bass’s style from start to finish.