Afifah Salsabila

Afifah Salsabila

I am a student at Binus Norhtumbria majoring in graphic design. As a design student, I love to learn every aspect of design, every day is a new day to learn things. I take chances to gain more experience in design as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.

I have interest in photography, I am flexible with studio photography, outdoor photography and product photography. My specialty in designing is I always love to come up with concept for each of my works. Giving a concept gives a glimpse of life and meaning to the project that I’m working on. For me, each process counts to the final result. Each project that I worked on must have a background story, as if it has a life of its own.

I enjoy channeling my skill of photography by taking photoshoot gigs in Jakarta. I sometime go out to hunt photos in the city in my free time. I’m very happy to share my ideas, and abilities to help people find solutions to their problems. As a graphic designer, I’m thinking as a problem solver to others. I am eager to learn new things from others, as long as it is good and beneficial.

Operation Jungle Rescue

The Operation Jungle Rescue book was created in 2019. The illustration in the book is my personal illustration style that I’ve been experimenting on. My illustration style plays with colors and pattern.

The book is an A5 adventure illustrated children book for age 7+ where the reader could choose their own story to rescue a doctor in the jungle. In some pages there will be a decision-making part and the choices leads to different page with different stories and endings. There are three storylines inside the book.


The ‘Smoketura’ project was held in 2019. It was my first packaging design project.

I chose the font ‘Futura’ since it is my personal favorite font. Then, the idea of ‘Smoketura’ came along after deciding what product to focus on, which is Indonesian cigar; Smoke’tura. Focusing on combining Futura’s futuristic and simplistic persona with a luxurious, and traditional, cigar product into a brand including packaging and other miscellaneous.

Studio Photography

These are two of my photography projects that stands out the most. The ‘Heritage of Surakarta’ fashion editorial (left side), and the ‘lighting pattern’ project (right side). Both projects were held in 2019 during my study in studio photography.

The concept behind the ‘fashion editorial’ shoot is a young Javanese prince that is about to rule the kingdom. The expression and the poses during the shot were to emphasize confidence, elegance and bravery to show the new leader of the kingdom. The concept behind the ‘lighting pattern’ shoot is a youthful woman going out at night in the city. Surrounded by neon signs of bars and restaurants in which their vivid colors reflect upon her face.

The Pine Forest Villas rebranding

The Pine Forest Villas rebranding project was held in 2020.

The Pine Forest Villas has the concept of ‘coziness’ to provide comfort for lodging in a forest. The ‘coziness’ and ‘nature’ are represented by the architecture style of the villa. Which mainly are made in wood.

The design strategy in rebranding The Pine was focusing on its surroundings, which is nature and coziness. The keywords to rebrand the brand was: cozy, forest, and family friendly. The keywords and the surroundings of the villa are the root of the logo and the brand.

UME Asia mobile web design

The mobile web design for UME Asia project was held in 2020.

I made the design accordingly to the brand’s personality. Where it is elegant, luxurious, feminine and European. The color palette, the icons and the layout were to emphasize the brand’s personality. The project focuses on the mobile web lay outing.