Warming Up with Rimba

Warming Up with Rimba is an interactive illustrated children’s book about general warming up for children by Naima Syeeda Sharita. The Warming up movements is based on The 7 Primal Patterns by Paul Chek. The storyline presents the warming up movement because children learn by manipulating scenarios. Designed to be interactive so that children can be active motorically while also increasing children’s literacy when compared to videos. Warming up is crucial for lowering the risk of injury, sprains, cramping, and other health issues. As a result, the primary audience for this book is children aged 3 to 5, with adults as a secondary audience that includes parents and teachers as an intermediary. This interactive book’s goal is to introduce children to general warming up and to remind adults of the importance of warming up before engaging in any physical activity.

creator’s profile

I am a student at Binus International University and the captain of the Indonesian Artistic Swimming team for Asian Games 2018 until now. Working as an athlete and graphic design freelancer, I received custom paintings on shoes, realistic portrait sketches, and logo commissions. With busy schedules, I used my time wisely and managed time as best as possible.