Slow Move Bazaar

My thesis is a website design for Slow Move Bazaar, one of Jakarta’s leading
sustainable / slow fashion bazaars for Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts. During this
time they were also in the process of rebranding and planning to redesign their
website, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate. The
purpose of this website design is to make slow fashion more accessible and
appealing to Generation Z while raising awareness and educating them on slow
fashion , contributing to the long-term reduction of textile waste. The results
were a renovated website, that Sustainable fashion education, Tenant
showcase, Easy ticket purchase & Tenant Application, and Quiz

creator’s profile

Hi there! I am Shanika and I like to make things look pretty cool! It brings me joy
if my art and/or designs can communicate an idea or dream in a visually
pleasing way. I believe that art will always leave a strong impact, so I’m thankful
that my wonderful time here, learning and being surrounded by talented and
wonderful people, has truly honed my skills and creativity empowering me to
make a positive impact on those around me