Redesign UI UX WEBSITE PT HK METALS UTAMA As a form of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has an impact on business operations as well as how a company provides value to its customers. Websites are key company digital platforms that provide one of multiple client experiences accessible in the age of digital transformation. Furthermore, websites are one of the most cost-effective ways of sharing information, experience, and products throughout the world. All companies must have a well-designed website that delivers an exceptional user experience since it has a big influence on user engagement.


There are problems with PT HK Metals Utama’s existing website. After doing an In-Depth Interview and through Collecting User Personas, it is clear that HKMU primary online presence which is their website, still has several issues with the interface and experience. As a representative of a public company (IPO), Redesigning the UI UX of the website could increase the visibility and credibility of the company also hopefully, can attract more potential investors.

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