Pandemic Digital Poster

New digital poster in interactive QR code form to improve hospital entrance system where hospital visits must do screening before entering their hospital by fil in a form that states their conditions that may or may not trigger Covid-19 positive as a pandemic safety regulation.  The previous model of the process was through a printed QR code and only located in a hospital pillar with 1 copy which breaks the safety regulation system as one of the 5 m regulations which is to keep at least 1m or more distance on crowded space so I create a cue system by display digital posters in LCD stand so hospital visitors can scan and process their QR code system through the digital poster while they are in cue line before reaching the screening counter

creator’s profile

My name Arya Nugraha Hendrohusodo, you can call me Arya in short I call myself an interactive digital design student where most of my projects are based on designing and creating my projects on digital platforms