NOWASTE – is an educative mobile application available for iOS device, which guides and provide users information for all things zero-waste. This project is all about creating the UI and UX design of mobile application.  In this application, users can learn, find new things about zero-waste, and keep motivated to learn about it through its gamification feature. Other than creating a unique and fun learning experience, the application also informs users about zero-waste places, information’s, hacks, tips, and meet other zero-waste enthusiasts in Jakarta. It is hoped that through this application more users can be aware and understand how important our daily waste production is not to our city only, but to our planet earth.

creator’s profile

Hi, it’s Jesya. I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in Jakarta, and I’m always interested in design world. It is something that I enjoy doing, bringing conceptual, neat, playful design with thoughtful consideration