Millions of years ago, Humans left their homeworld for space to join other species in
the Planeter Alliance.. Hand in hand, they greet this new era with Hope and Peace.
However, after the discovery of a new plant-based energy source, the Giga
Conglomerate, VOC invades planet I-45, the only planet where the plant can grow.
It is now the year 7777 of the Angkasium Century. VOC has achieved full monopoly
and rules planet I-45 with an iron fist. Hope is lost.
This story is about two men from two different backgrounds. Two men who will
reignite the light of hope in the people’s heart….
“Return of Pitung: A New Hope” is a webcomic that is made in order to manifest
hope in the heart of the youth, by reading through the adventures of Jack Go and
Pitung, readers will have new found inspiration for regaining their lost hope.And, like
Jack Go, they too can become a “Warrior of Light”…

creator’s profile

Bondi is the guy who can do most things. With his knowledge in esoteric random facts and pop
culture, he will create works of art that are full of whimsy and are referencing at least 4 layers of
obscure media that only a select few shall recognize. Despite this, his works are enjoyed by lots
of people, perhaps due to the silly nature of them or by the sheer ridiculousness of the work.
“Watch out for my NGE!