Batik Lasem was once one of the six biggest
industries during Dutch Colonialism. However, this industry began
to experience extinction until now. It was caused by the difficulty of
young Lasem to continue in this industry. They tends to work in
modern sector inside or outside Rembang. Because of that they
experience difficulty to promote with a wider range. Therefore the
objective of this project is to create application that can help Batik
Lasem entrepreneurs in terms of promotion and sales. Research
methods that used for this study is qualitative. This research taken
from both online and offline (books, journals, internet, or
interview). Furthermore an interview with Batik Lasem
entrepreneurs with Santoso Hartono, Katrin, and Rahmini will be
held. After that to get more informations an interview with Dante
Hidajat will be held. She is a professional writer who did a research
about Batik lasem

creator’s profile

Alumni from Binus Northumbria School of Design majoring in Interactive Design Media, graduated in 2021.