Interactive graphic novel

With the sudden shift of the global pandemic to new normal phase, a lot of Indonesians show drastic measures of higher dependency on social media platforms, or just their gadgets overall. There is a lack of awareness regarding the effects of the drastic shift which is why ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’ is an interactive graphic novel game for Indonesians of ages 17-21 years old to get a better insight and understanding, to also raise awareness for anxiety.


This interactive graphic novel game allows players to get an in depth of making a decision with respective scenarios, to understand and validate the experiences of having anxiety. They follow through this existing narrative novel throughout the game, certain choices allow a different route and a different ending with a link directed to a website with professional aid.

creator’s profile

Hi there! My name is Ivone and I am a spontaneous, collaborative and open-minded individual with a belief of creating new and fun ideas through research combined with design thinking to educate the society, and convey the different art categories and styles to strengthen a better understanding in perception of art in different media usages.