E-book for Creatives on How to Use Music more Purposefully

Music has a tremendous influence on people across nations worldwide. It has been used in almost every culture in this world, and has been with us since 40,000 years ago. As time has progressed, so too have the styles and methods of making and consuming music. Modern music presents us with an enormous amount of variety of genres, allowing us to choose which genres we prefer based on our own ideologies and preferences. Different types of music form a certain behaviour and could change one’s culture significantly.


Moreover, music has the potential to change a mood, to shift and atmosphere, and to encourage a different behaviour. Other than that, if we could know how each genre and variable could affect people differently, we could use this information to choose the music we want our audience to feel in occasions such as campaigns, targeted ads, events, etc.


To find out how a particular genre might impact someone’s behaviour and their way of thinking, we need to first find the variables that differentiate each genre. Finding the variables is key, because as time progresses, there is a significant chance that new genres could come up. Thus, with the information regarding the variables that we had, we could know how that new genre could affect people. With the results, we could find out how each variable and genre of music could impact our way of thinking and create a certain behaviour.


This knowledge would highly benefit people who use music as a tool in their work, specifically creatives such as advertisers, campaigners, and musicians. The approach would be through a digital output in the form of an electronic book which would be easily accessible. Meanwhile, the target would be the creatives of all ages and domicile previously mentioned who would highly benefit from the information.

The solution would be realized in the form of an e-Book (electronic book). The reason behind choosing e-Book from actual books as the medium is because e-Books can reach more audience. It’s more easily accessible, that’s why physical books have a decline in sales, because this era is shifting to a paper-less world.

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Hi there! My name is azra and I am Graphic Design & New Media student in
Binus Northumbria School of Design. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always love art and anything that goes around it; I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I could pick up a pencil and a piece of paper. Ever since then, I’ve always known that I’ll pursue a career based on art.