Dolanan is an interactive illustrated children series book about Indonesian traditional games by Afifah Salsabila. The first series that was created for this study is Betawi games from DKI Jakarta. It features 10 fully illustrated Betawi traditional games along with interactivity in the paper mechanism such as: pull/push the tab, lift the flap and slide. Traditional games are the nation’s identity, cultural wealth and expression that bring many benefits to children it must be preserved to avoid extinction during globalization era. For that reason, this book is targeted towards elementary aged children aged 6-10 years old who are still active in their play. The goal of this interactive book is to create an exciting learning experience and inspire children to learn and play traditional games as one way to preserve them. 

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I am a student at Binus Norhtumbria majoring in graphic design. As a design student, I love to learn every aspect of design, every day is a new day to learn things. I take chances to gain more experience in design as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.