Describe It

“Describe It!” is an educational game with the goal of becoming a descriptive writing assistant for middle school students (Grades 7-9). It utilizes 3D space and assets to create an interactive and appealing environment that students can immerse themselves in.


The 3D space allows students to freely explore the environment in their own way, from choosing where to look and where to go. During their playtime, students can interact with several objects in the virtual space, which gives them item descriptions filled with many details that could teach them different ways of describing an object.

Teachers are encouraged to use “Describe It!” as a fun alternative in allowing students to practice their descriptive writing skills. The digital medium allows for teachers to give students a unique experience that they otherwise might not be able to imagine themselves.

creator’s profile

Hi! I’m Wilbert, a graphic designer with over 4 years of experience in several categories of digital media. Fluent especially in vector design for logos, banners, posters and other commercial needs. If you need anything designed just contact me!