“Cosmetigations” is a game with an AR interaction model and a detective vibe. The main goal of this game is to allow players to learn while having fun at the same time. The need for education of the risks of using or being exposed to chemicals that are illegal or excessive, as well as the resulting effects. After extensive testing and review, the author also holds the view that this game may eventually serve as a teaching tool, particularly for Indonesian teenagers. Users can experience risk if they are unaware of potentially harmful substances or if particular items contain excessive amounts of them. Teenagers are drawn to try a variety of beauty products due to the size of outside culture or advertising, such as that from Korea.


Finally, the author sincerely believes that the game might serve as a teaching tool for the community, particularly for young people who are considering purchasing beauty items. The most crucial step in maintaining adolescents overall health is to verify the legitimacy of products and the components they contain. The habit of reading and investigating can eventually turn into the finest approach to stay away from illegal products and improve the health of Indonesians.


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Hello everyone!
My name is Arbella Taryadi or simply Bella. I'm Graphic Design and New Media student, at BINUS International. I'm loves everything about designing, especially in Interactive Design Media (illustrations, 3D artist, Photography, UI/UX, Game Design, etc.). I'm known as optimistic and competent, even though my design journey is still long. I still want to pursue my biggest aspirations and learn more about the world of design.